Explaining Reverse Diet

Reverse dieting is probably the least intuitive goal that Carbon Diet Coach offers. Why would you want to do a reverse diet? Who is it for?

If we had to sum up reverse dieting in a sentence it would be “controlled increases in calories intended to increase energy expenditure while minimizing body fat gain.” Basically, we want to use controlled feeding to increase your metabolic rate. So who is this for?

We break down who should consider a reverse diet into 4 basic groups

1) You have achieved your fat loss goal, but the calories you need to consume to maintain it are not sustainable. Therefore a reverse diet can help you increase your caloric intake with hopefully minimal fat gain.

2) You have just finished an extreme diet to achieve a very low level of body fat, and you need a recovery period to normalize your energy and hormones.

3) You have not achieved your long term fat loss goal but you are currently struggling to lose fat on unsustainably low calories.

4) You don’t have an immediate fat loss goal but you’d like to increase your calorie intake while minimizing any potential fat gain.

The vast majority of people pursuing reverse dieting will fall under category 1 or 3. We deal with many people in category 3. If this is you, please keep in mind that this process takes time. Especially if you are someone who has been a serial yoyo dieter, it is going to take many months to normalize your metabolic rate and recover from improper dieting. 

Try to think of reverse dieting like investing in your metabolism. When you invest money, you are taking money away from yourself that you could spend right now and investing it so that in the future, you have more money to spend. In this way, you are taking time away from fat loss so that you can invest in increasing your energy expenditure so that IN THE FUTURE you will be able to more effectively lose fat without having to go so low in calories.